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Another gifted book in the Wise Woman Series, Susun's newest book offers endless 'secrets', recipes, and wisdom for 'Down There'.... Like all of her books, its written from the heart, well researched and fully engaging. Susun brings a truth and honesty to her writings ~ and her teachings ~ that is a rare gift. Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and author

"A vitally important guide, a godsend for male and female, young and old. Very well researched and cleverly put together. Altogether excellent." James Green,The Male Herbal

"So clear, concise, and straight to the point, I couldn't put it down. What a gift to us all!"
Chinmayo Forro, Alaskan midwife

Entertaining, educating, and inspiring. Hooray for another information-packed resource from that story-telling, web-weaving, earth-shaking wise woman Weed. Her love's on every page." Eaglesong, CCH

"Susun brings light to all that is down there." Pam Hyde-Nakai, herbalist

"Just when I thought there were too many women's health care books, one appears with a fresh perspective. This is a book of choices. Susun provides the mainstream perspective, a deeper understanding of pelvic conditions, and all the treatment options. Unlike most texts, this one is a delight to peruse. I enjoyed it cover to cover." Sharol Tilgner

"A crucial and empowering book. You clearly explain how my body works so I finally understand and pick the best options for my health." Maria Barresi

"A fabulous, amazing, and world-changing book. It will help us take back the night, the day, and our rightful place in the world -- and in our own hearts and wombs." Susan McLaughlin

"What a comprehensive, comforting, and easy-to-read guide on pelvic health. The perfect combination of current modern treatment practices with ageless goddess wisdom." Mary O'Dwyer, Senior Teaching Fellow, Bond University

"Once again Susun Weed blesses us with wit and deep wisdom. Take this book to bed. It is destined to be a classic for men and women for generations." Brigitte Mars, herbalist, author, professor

"A one-of-a-kind book. A gentle guide to connecting with ourselves and our well-being, both emotional and physical." Kathi Keville, Women's Herbs, Women's Health

"Susun's newest book is intuitive, well-researched, and a fine example of integrative medicine. It bridges the gaps between natural healing and mainstream medicine, leaving nothing out." Feather Jones, RH, AHG, herbalist, author

"Another exciting herbal from Weed! Well-organized, comprehensive, and easy to use. Should be in every library and every home." Grethchen Gould, herbalist, jazz pianist

"Susun Weed is one of the most important, informative, and inspirational writers of our time. Her new book, like all her others, is an essential guide to anyone seeking optimum health." Corinna Wood, Red Moon Herbs

"Critical health information wrapped in the wisdom of our herbal traditions creates a guide useful for anyone interested in a grounded approach to an often overwhelming topic." Bevin Clare, Clinical Division Chair, Herbal Medicine, Tai Sophia Institute

"I found your work when I was in my 40's, facing a hysterectomy for fibroids, endometriosis, and cysts. Chaste tree berries made me healthy! I recommend your books to those with fertility problems, female issues, and pesky 'down there' problems." Anonymous

" Rich in research, thought provoking, bedecked with herbs, and seasoned with stories, this is a superbly useful reference book. Susun is a word weaver who can help you craft you own unique healing path, the Wise Woman Way." Robin Rose Bennett, Healing Magic, A Green Witch Guidebook

"This long-awaited next volume in the Wise Woman Herbal Series lets us look at and laugh about what we speak of the least." Andrea and Matthias Reisen, Healing Spirits Herbs

"Thank for delving so deeply down there. I'll shelve this right next to Roots." Doug Eliott, herbalist

"I celebrate a new book by one of the most original herbal voices of our time. Poetic and plain-spoken. A welcome addition." Stephen Harrod Buhner, Lost Language of the Plants


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